Passenger Services
With four different classes of accommodation, the Duronto trains would provided with many passenger facilities than any other train service on Indian Railways.The livery of these trains is painted splashes of colors. There would be a pantry car also, provided in the train.
The fares for the Duronto trains are less when compared with other prestigious super fast rail services such as Rajdhani Express which ply between the same destinations. The fare in the new "economy" AC 3-tier class (similar to that of Garib Rath Express) of Duronto would be Rs. 200 less than the fares, when for Rajdhani Express. The fares will not include food and catering costs.
Efficiency and Speed
The Duronto Expresses are one of the fastest trains in India. These trains run faster than Rajdhani Express trains which hold the record of the fastest long-distance trains in India.This has been made possible as these trains, unlike the Rajdhani Express, will have no intermediate stoppages and run in much the same speed clocked by Rajdhani.For example, the new bi-weekly non-stop train between New Delhi and Sealdah will take 16 hours to cover the journey, as against 17 hours taken by Rajdhani Express.The trains will, however, have technical stoppages at a few stations for facilitating staff and loco change but the transit time will come down drastically.The trains will adhere to the speed limit of 110 kmph. The Chennai Duronto is projected to run at a speed of 130 kmph.
On board Amenities
The Duronto services would consist of four classes of accommodation namely first AC, two-tier AC, three-tier AC and economy AC (similar to that of Garib Rath Express). The Rakes comprise ICF coaches used in the Rajdhanis and Garib Raths earlier.Each Duronto coach is 24 metres long, compared to the regular coach length of 22.3 metres. The distance between coaches is less too - 460 mm instead of the regular 960 mm.
Besides safety and hygiene features like dustbins and fire extinguishers, the coaches have sleeker designs for bottle holders and switches, mobile charging points, sliding transparent doors between coaches, and LED night lamps instead of regular fluorescent lights.
The train is built of stainless steel (which makes the coaches lighter by about two tonnes each), which is lighter, anti-corrosive and more durable than the conventional 'cotton steel'. An important safety feature is the central buffer couplers whose enhanced load capacity makes the train derailment-proof.

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  1. i want bto know about the train no.of delhi jammu duranto exp

  2. I will travel by Howrah Digha Duronto exp, train time is 11.15 am at howrah and it will arroved Digha around 2.15 pm. my question is will railway provide us free food which is included in ticket or we will have to buy from pantry car ? plz answer as I will travel with my family

    1. yaa free food facility avilable in all Duronto train..

  3. had horrible experience while having my breakfast, lunch and dinner in Duranta express. I thought it has a mistake by catering team. But my impression said that they do it intensionaly.

    I had booked a round(two way) journey starting kolkata to bangalore, where i found that catering team are providing food forcibly without no test and quality. At only starting station(Either bangalore/kolkata), food was good and served to all passanger. However, food quality was not at all good and test less during dinner time, breakfast time and lunch time at destination.

    No snacks provided during evening time...(only tea/coffee)
    Spoon never provided during breakfast time..
    Foods provided are all expired its test quality and as well also they are served in cold temperature

    But at the end of journey, passanger always have to give TIPS(minimum 20 rupees) forcibly as service charge(said by catering team).

    You may not get full bedding package(sometime they do not provide blanket & towel) and they will charge Rs.25 extra for this.

    Even passanger are allowed to smoke in train....Nothing happen after complaining to TTE or coach service men.

    They all need should be monitored and should be rectified accordingly. Periodical audit should done to food quality and services provided to passanger.

    I have seen passanger feels help less if any action not taken to their concerns they faced.

    I am sure, it will be difficult for india citizen to said about growth of India if everybody understand their own responsibilities.

    Suman K Pattnaik

  4. in all doronto as per my informatio food is free

  5. is food in duronto ltters 12223 is included in the fare of ticket

  6. i had booked my ticket in Duronto chennai - newdelhi, but my programme was cancelled so i cancelled the ticket. In doroto cancelation charges is very high. in my ticket it deducted Rs. 805 as a cancelation charges...

    1. Hope you have cancelled the train ticket nearest to the travel day..

  7. Dear Train Authorities.
    I am planning to travel to Mumbai from Hyderabad with my 1.5 years child. Could you please let me know whether facility is available to have hot milk for infant in the train?


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