Garib Rath

What is Garib Rath express train?

The Garib Rath express train is one of the premier trains introduced by the Indian Railways in 2005 by Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav to provide fully air-conditioned travel to those passengers who could not afford the expensive tickets of the fully air-conditioned Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express. Therefore, the Garib Rath, whose name means "Poor Man's Chariot", was introduced with the facilities of being fully air-conditioned and running faster than most other super-fast express trains running presently. The maximum speed of Garib Rath trains is 130 km/hr which is the same as Rajdhani's top speed. However, in Garib Rath trains, passengers are not normally provided with blankets and pillow and they have to pay extra to get those.
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Garib Rath First Travel
[ads-post]The maiden journey of the train started from Saharsa, Bihar to Amritsar, Punjab. Critics and observers alike noted that the maiden journey was chosen between two commercially unimportant routes as many local Bihari people had migrated to Punjab and Yadav's origination from Bihar led him to choose this route for political purposes. Despite the criticism, the Garib Rath has received positive reviews, with the train capacity reaching near 100% in off-season timings.
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Garib Rath trains are also slated to have many amenities such as fridge, microwave oven... They will have continuous running electronic display which will show distance remaining, next station name and expected time to reach there. The coaches will also be decorated with beautiful paintings of Indian heritage artwork.
The emergence of the Garib Rath has led to more connections between commercially important routes, where these trains run faster and make fewer stops, such as the Bandra - Hazrat Nizammudin Express compared to the August Kranti Rajdhani Express.

Current Services

  • Train no. 12113 Nagpur Garib rath Pune Jn - Nagpur
  • Train no. 12114 Pune Garib rath Nagpur - Pune jn
  • Train no. 12187 Mumbai Garibrath Jabalpur - Mumbai cst
  • Train no. 12188 JBP Garib rath Mumbai CST - Jabalpur
  • Train no. 12201 Kochuveli Garib rath   Lokmanyatilak Terminus - Kochuveli
  • Train no. 12202 LTT Garib rath Kochuveli - Lokmanyatilak Terminus
  • Train no. 12203 Garib rath exp Saharsa Jn - Amritsar jn
  • Train no. 12204 SHC Garib rath Amritsar jn - Saharsa jn
  • Train no. 12207 Jammu Garib rath Kathgodam - Jammu tawi
  • Train no. 12208 KGM Garib rath Jammu tawi - Kathgodam
  • Train no. 12209 KGM Garib rath Kanpur central - Kathgodam
  • Train no. 12210 Cnb Garib rath Kathgodam - Kanpur central
  • Train no. 12211 ANVT Garib rath Muzaffarpur jn - Anand vihar trm
  • Train no. 12212 MFP Garib rath Anand vihar trm - Muzaffarpur jn
  • Train no. 12215 DEE BDTS G rath Delhi s rohilla - Bandra terminus
  • Train no. 12216 Dee Garibrath Bandra terminus - Delhi s rohilla
  • Train no. 12257 Kochuveli gr Yesvantpur jn - Kochuveli
  • Train no. 12258 Yesvantpur exp Kochuveli - Yesvantpur jn
  • Train no. 12359 PNBE Garib rath Kolkata - Patna jn
  • Train no. 12360 KOL Garib rath Patna jn - Kolkata
  • Train no. 12517 Ghy Garib rath Kolkata - Guwahati
  • Train no. 12518 KOL Garib rath Guwahati - Kolkata
  • Train no. 12535 LJN r Garibrath Lucknow ne - Raipur jn
  • Train no. 12536 Ljn Garibrath Raipur jn - Lucknow ne
  • Train no. 12569 JYG anvt G rath Jaynagar - Anand vihar trm
  • Train no. 12570 JYG Garib rath Anand vihar trm - Jaynagar
  • Train no. 12593 LJN BPL G r Lucknow ne - Bhopal jn
  • Train no. 12594 LJN Garib rath Bhopal jn - Lucknow ne
  • Train no. 12611 NZM Garib rath Chennai central - H nizamuddin
  • Train no. 12612 Mas Garib rath H nizamuddin - Chennai central
  • Train no. 12735 Ypr Garib rath Secunderabad jn - Yesvantpur jn
  • Train no. 12736 Sc Garib rath Yesvantpur jn - Secunderabad jn
  • Train no. 12739 Vskp Garib rath Visakhapatnam - Secunderabad jn
  • Train no. 12740 Vskp Garib rath Secunderabad jn - Visakhapatnam
  • Train no. 12831 Bbs Garib rath Dhanbad jn - Bhubaneswar
  • Train no. 12832 Dhn Garib rath Bhubaneswar - Dhanbad jn
  • Train no. 12877 Rnc Garib rath Ranchi - New delhi
  • Train no. 12878 Ndls RNC G rath New delhi - Ranchi
  • Train no. 12881 Hwh puri G rath Howrah jn - Puri
  • Train no. 12882 Puri hwh G rath Puri - Howrah jn
  • Train no. 12909 Nzm Garib rath Bandra terminus - H nizamuddin
  • Train no. 12910 Bdts Garib rath H nizamuddin - Bandra terminus
  • Train no. 12983 Aii CDG g rath Ajmer jn - Chandigarh
  • Train no. 12984 Cdg AII g rath Chandigarh - Ajmer jn
  • Train no. 22405 Bgp garib rath Bhagalpur - Anand vihar trm
  • Train no. 22406 Anvt BGP G rath Anand vihar trm - Bhagalpur
  • Train no. 22407 Bsb anvt G rath Varanasi jn - Anand vihar trm
  • Train no. 22408 Bsb Garib rath Anand vihar trm - Varanasi jn
  • Train no. 22409 Anvt Garib rath Gaya jn - Anand vihar trm
  • Train no. 22410 Ssm Garib rath Anand vihar trm - Gaya jn
  • Train no. 22883 Puri ypr g rath Puri - Yesvantpur jn
  • Train no. 22884 Puri Garib rath Yesvantpur jn - Puri
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  • Train No. 12187 / 12188 Jabalpur - Mumbai CST Garib Rath Express:- Train No. 12187  Jabalpur - Mumbai will run Mon, Wed and Friday instead of Monday and Friday. Train No. 12188  Mumbai CST -  Jabalpur will run Tue, Thu and Saturday instead of Tue and Saturday. Railways also announced that there normal timings are not changed.


South Central Railway announced that the passengers are request to compulsory select their Option for bedrolls while booking tickets  for Garib Rath Express Trains under the South Central Railway zones.

Ticket Reservation Form

For this passengers are requested to pay Rs.25/- as extra charges per Bedrolls while booking the ticket. Tickets booking through Internet and Reservation Counter avail this option. This option will be effective from January 17th,2013.

The Garib Rath express train is one of the premier trains introduced by the Indian Railways in 2005 by Railways Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav to provide fully air-conditioned travel to those passengers who could not afford the expensive tickets of the fully air-conditioned Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express.

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  1. Can We Book a Bandra-NIzamuddin Garib Rath Ticket From IRCTC Website.

  2. Respected Railway Ministry/Administrator,

    We students travels regularly from MUMBAI to east MP( Satna Katni) and ALLAHABAD region. We students Humbly request and urging you to Kindly extend it to Allahabad to avoid railway loss. It will be more profitable if it would run up to Allahabad. GARIBRATH TRAIN(2188/2178)

    Kindly extend it to Allahabad

    Here are some losses calculated which railway bare in 9 to 10 month when train runs almost 40% to 50% empty to and from both way.
    If we shall calculate it like this way.
    Suppose 200 to 300 seats are not reserve then Railway loss.
    200*578 = 115600*2 = 231200 per trip loss.
    231200*9 = 2080800 (twenty lac eighty thousand eight hun.) per month loss.

    Twice in 2009 and 2010 Rail budget had been already announced to do extension but not implemented by railway department up till now.

    Please ! Do it Please As Soon As Possible

    Thanks & Regards

    Student's Groups (ALLAHABAD / SATNA, KATNI, MUMBAI)

  3. when booking a garib rath train on irctc it shows "No concessional Tickets allowed by Garib Rath Trains" message..what does this mean??

    1. hi Mr. Gandhi .. It is full fare instead of small fare.. Garib Rath is now AMIR RATH... no announcement done and fare has increased to same as luxury fare for similar train.. so one more way to earn from our pockets by RM

  4. how many days before the garib rath tickets will be available

    1. You can book the Garib rath trains ticket same as rule as per other trains too. Currently you can book the Advanced by 60 days and Tatkal Ticket 1 day in advance. For more information about the latest Advanced reservation booking details visit
      IRCTC Advanced Reservation Latest Details -

  5. While reserving berth in Garib Rath I just forgot to add bed roll in e ticket. Can I add bed roll option in reserved berth in Garib Rath.

  6. Can I include bed roll facilities in Garib Rath in already reserved berth through e ticket.

    1. No you can't book bed roll after the e-ticket booked. Don't worry you can able to buy Bed Roll while entering the train

  7. can we cacel the garib rath ticket????

    1. yes you can Cancel the gaib rath ticket as usual..

    2. Thomas, I booked the ticket in garib rath through irctc e-ticket.
      But I missed to add bed -roll while booking. How I can get bed roll inside the train, and how much chance to get it.

    3. Don't worry you will get the bed roll while entering the Train by paying a specified amount. if possible please ask to coach attender ASAP to get more chance to get the same.

  8. is food / pantry car available on 12910 NZM- Bandra Terminus Garibrath?

  9. What are the chances of confirmation on waitlisted tickets on Train 12910 NZM - Bandra terminal Garibrath?

  10. Why garib rath is not showing in irctc booking site?

    1. Garib rath will show in IRCTC Booking site. Let me know which train no you are checking for.

  11. What's the cancellation charges in garib rath?is it a regular price or different.

    1. Yes. Garib rath also following normal cancellation process. For more information visit Latest Refund Rule Details

  12. I forgot to add bedroll option while booking tickets. Can i book now?? Or will i surely get bedroll in train by paying cash?

    1. You can purchase (rented) bedroll while travelling. But this is subject to availability of stock.
      You can also purchase your own bedroll online using IRCTC catering and tourism website / IRCTC outlets available on railway stations for more details on this available on 'Bedroll in Train Online Purchase topic'.




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