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I know all of them keep on searching a site that will give live status of the train running other than call to the help line. Yes its possible now, you cant believe it i know but its a fact that you can track the train running details on every movement. Following is the link for that This site also gives you a good graphical interface to know all the details. Its providing full Indian Map to find out the train now located.[ads-post]

Live Train Status of a train on Map

You can also Reserve the tickets for the running train that you find and the status this site itself.
For more information please visit Indian Rail Info website find out the way of comfortable traveling in train.

How to Find Live Train Running Status?

Following Videos shows you how to find the Live Train Running Status in Simple Steps. So must watch and revert your feed back.

[youtube src="1ilk2wTdHYY"/]

For finding the Live Train running status online you have to follow steps

  • Log on to indiarailinfo website
  • Enter the Train Number and Search like video provided
  • Click on the Menu and choose Map and Live status view the result on Map.
If multiple Trains running on the same route with same train number then you can track your train by day started. All these information also explained on the you tube video.

Mobile Train Status Find Screen

If you are checking the Train Status via Mobile then can able see the result like following screen on the top. 
Mobile view of Live Train Running Status online
Mobile view of Live Train Running Status

By the help of this you can able to track the train position with nearest position to train passed. Also providing expected train arrival time too.
See on the image its shows complete train running information of the train you are searching as well as Time Table changes information. By the help of Indiarailinfo you will also get other information's like Upcoming trains coming on Indian  Railways, Live Multi Train Running Status, PNR Status predictions etc like updates very easy manner. So don't waist this chance.


SCR Live Train Train Running Status in Telugu - Hindi - English

Now its possible to get the Live Train Running information on Telugu Language also. Other than Telugu this website provides information on Hindi and English as well. Yes its true news and this facility announced by South Central Railways. By the help of this new tool you will get the Live Train Running Status information online via a Special website exclusively designed for South Central Railways (SCR).  We can find the Live train running status of the trains with Plat form number to which train arriving / Departure.  This website is designed like faster output as well as better User friendly interface.
SCR - Live Train Running Status available in Telugu Hindi and English
Train Arrival Departure - Live Status Web Page
Now what you are waiting for just visit the following website path of official SCR - Live Train Running Status online. Let me know your feed backs after visiting the new website.

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I know all of them keep on searching a site that will give live status of the train running other than call to the help line. Yes its possible now, you cant believe it i know but its a fact that you can track the train running details on every movement.


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  11. Why Passenger Train No.59389/59390(Bhopal-Indore-Bhopal Night Fast Passenger) is not extended upto New Bhopal's Habibganj Terminal? this is extremely necessary as the whole city of New Bhopal is now located around it and lacs of people are waiting for this facility.If this passenger is extended upto HBJ, the morning Ujjain Passenger would also automatically become HBJ-UJN Passenger.Both are the same train doing rounds of Indore(in night) and of Ujjain(in day-time.This small facility is still awaited, this is quite surprising.HBJ has become quite big station now, a terminal, but what common men need is ignored. This is unfortunate.Request to Rly authorities to look into this and extend this common men's train upto HBJ.

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  14. I want to ask will there be trains from Thane to CST and from cst to thane run today ? If yes. Can you please provide me with the schedule.




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